Diverse Public is widely recognized advising and branding agency based in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Leading efforts in hospitality, creative elevation and event procurement, we advise to leading companies, personas and organizations across the country.


We are continuously setting new industry standards with fresh ideas and exceptional services. Our proven track record of successful campaigns and events allows us to proudly build forward and creatively think outside the box. We welcome clients looking to enhance their public image and desire excellence from their social events and experiences.


Diverse Public sets itself apart through our unique turn-key and personal approach. We study who you are and extrapolate the values, missions and purpose to create a foundation for the services we provide. Our teams’ strategic thinking and innovative ideas are built from your very own desires and connectivity. Our cutting-edge campaigns are driven by your vision and resonate with your wishful audience. Diverse Public consistently delivers outstanding results that exceed client expectations.


Our reputation for excellence is built by understanding each client’s unique goals and challenges. We only then develop customized strategies that effectively address specific needs. With a strong focus on delivering measurable results, we thrive on delivering businesses, personas and organizations seeking an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace our exceptional services.



Venues & Location Selections

Allow us to assist in selecting the perfect venue for your next event or gathering. From intimate soirees to large-scale conferences, we identify ideal spaces to suits specific requirements, budget, and event objectives. With our extensive network of venues and industry relations, we ensure you receive the most exquisite in hospitality and option for selection.

Guest Lists & Logistics

A seamless event experience begins with an arrival to remember. From curating and managing guest lists to planning and executing all logistical aspects, we only deliver a smooth operation for your event. We track RSVPs, coordinate registrations, communicate and organize the necessary needs and information for sound guest arrivals.

Public Relations

We deliver public relations services to create a positive and impactful experience and brand image. Crafting compelling press releases, managing media relations, gathering targeted imagery, while cultivating new relationships for our clientele, is what we do. Our PR efforts effectively drive brand awareness, compels the clients’ industry, and elevate reputation.

Creative Design Process

We offer a full service cutting-edge creative design process that details the way you are seen. We communicate with your audience based on your fundamental desires. Our innovative approach ensures your creative project is well-defined resulting in consistency and visual resonance. From invitations, itineraries, photography capture, recap portfolios and more, we design and deliver.

Media Enhancements

Our media enhancement provisions are turn-key, significantly elevating on-site visual appeal and post event content capture. From professional photography and videography services, we build shot-sheets and planning guides for all media personnel, so nothing is missed. Our editing team ensures all media content is collected and polished by aligning with the brand image or event marketing objectives.

Staffing Services

Our staffing services bridge your experience with our skilled professionals. We recruit, educate, train and prepare all staff members to seamlessly become part of the hospitality experience. We blend into the branded community of people, focused on ensuring the job is delivered with poise. We save our clients unimaginable hours in time and worry securing the right people and programs.

Talent Engagement

We know who and how to engage influence to service our client experiences. Our hard wired celebrity intellect puts the most unlikely moments of reality. Connecting your brand with the right people and amplifying authentic content is what we love to do. By exciting your guests and celebrating the most admirable talent, we elevate the caliber of your event.

Fashion Experiences

Our cutting-edge and revolutionary experiences are fun, youthful and futuristic. Get ready to elevate your brand or show with our immersive and tailor-made fashion concepts made to captivate and educate all audiences. From virtual or personalized styling sessions to unforgettable runway shows, we create experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Dinner Parties

From intimate gatherings to large corporate events, allow us to prepare every detail; from menu selection to meaningful table decor, ensuring an unforgettable experience, exists in an inviting atmospheres where relationships can thrive. We are commited to blending food, cocktails and wine with building relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.








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